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Coffee and Tea Sets: Selection Criteria

Gifts are very different. They can be practical, necessary, and fun. While searching for the right gifts, pay attention to the coffee or tea sets. Today we will talk about the main difference between these types and give some tips on how to buy a tea set that you can use for many years.

The Difference Between Coffee and Tea Sets?

What shape is the coffee cup? What does a teacup look like? Are the differences significant? Definitely yes! We recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

  • Cup shape. What shape are the coffee and teacups? The coffee cup is usually vertical so that the circumference of the base and the rim of the vessel are the same. The cup handle is designed for two or three fingers. The teacup, on the other hand, has a characteristic tapering shape towards the base. The handle is wider than a coffee cup and only fits one finger. These subtle but important differences make it possible to distinguish a tea set from a coffee set at a glance.
  • Cup capacity. Which cup is suitable for making delicious coffee, and which one is suitable for tea? The average capacity of porcelain coffee and teacups in both cases ranges from 120 to 180 ml. The difference lies in the serving of traditional black coffee. Espresso or espresso doppio which are the most important types of coffee usually served in small cups with a capacity of fewer than 100 ml. However, if you want to taste coffee with milk or prefer to drink a cappuccino larger porcelain cups (120 - 180 ml) are most appropriate. Cups for puff coffee, such as latte macchiato, should be transparent to please the eye with the aesthetic value of a carefully prepared coffee drink. On the other hand, the tea service with large cups is becoming more and more popular, as it allows you to enjoy your favorite drink longer.

Are Universal Solutions Possible?

In the catalog of the store, you can easily pick up a tea or coffee set. We also offer cup sets that can be used for any drink. On our website, you will find products from high-quality materials, different cup sets. There are even sets for children. We will deliver the purchased goods to any corner of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, etc.

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