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Payment and delivery – with the help of our services, you can order goods, food sets, gifts and souvenirs for all occasions and age groups, for your friends and family living back home in Ukraine.  

Together with Meest we are fulfilling orders across Ukraine. 
By using our services, you can be confident, that your gifts for your family, friends or partners will be delivered on time. 

Payment for your orders: 
You can pay for your orders online, using Visa or MasterCard credit cards. 
All your orders will be carefully packed and shipped within 5-10 business day after receiving the payment, 
not counting weekends and holidays.
Dispatching time from warehouse is from Monday to Friday.

Attention! To be sure of the quality of all goods, we send it directly from manufacturers/supermarkets /greenhouses, that’s why, in some cases, the courier delivers goods 2-3 times to the recipient according to the one order.
For example:
Order 1
Contents: Vegetables - shipment is made from the greenhouse, delivery will be on Tuesday.
               Food set and household set - shipment is made from the warehouse, delivery will be on Wednesday

Delivery within Ukraine: 
All shipping within Ukraine is done by Meest-Express courier services.  
We deliver your orders to all cities and villages in Ukraine at any address (office, home, school, restaurant, etc.). 

All products that spoil quickly we ship from the warehouse directly on the day of delivery.

Your family members and relatives do not need to go to the post office, our couriers will deliver your parcel directly to their hands. 
Our standard delivery time is from Monday to Saturday - 10am to 8pm. 

Shipping cost 10 $
Shipping duration (
not counting weekends and holidays)
1. Regional centers 5-12 days. 

2. District centers  5-14 days. 

3. Other settlements 5-14 days. 


Pay attention! It is not yet possible to choose a specific time and day of delivery due to possible delivery difficulties.
Delivery on a specific day

You can order a delivery service for your order on a specific date, when you placing an order, select the "Delivery on a specific day" option.
The cost of the service is $ 10, the final shipping cost is $ 17,5.

Our guarantees: 
The satisfaction of our clients is our primary goal, that’s why we would like to make sure, that every customer receives high-quality service. 
All goods, and products prior to shipment are carefully inspected. Also, we are cotinuously monitoring to ensure that your order has been delivered in a timely manner. 
If you are not satisfied with our service, or you have a proposal or question, please contact us directly by sending an email to - 


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