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Food set basic, 21 pcs.

Product code: 12345
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Description: Food set basic, 21 pcs.

  1. ​​​​​​Drinking ultra-pasteurized milk 2.5% (1 liter)
  2. High-grade wheat flour (2 kg)
  3. Corn groats (0.8 kg)
  4. Instant buckwheat groats (1 kg)
  5. Wheat couscous (500g)
  6. Steamed long-grain polished rice (1kg)
  7. Spaghetti pasta (400g)
  8. Butterfly pasta (400g)
  9. Sea salt (600g)
  10. Sugar (1kg)
  11. Sardine (230g)
  12. Tuna (150g)
  13. Canned beans (400g)
  14. Sunflower oil (0.85l)
  15. Honey with herbs (300g)
  16. Mayonnaise 72% (300g)
  17. Natural coffee (225g)
  18. Black tea 2g*50pcs (100g)
  19. Waffles (200g)
  20. Biscuits (155g)
  21. Vanilla halva (200g)
Weight of the set ≈ 13.5 kg
*The product may differ from the image due to the absence of goods from the supplier (Weight and type of goods are not variable)

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Food set basic, 21 pcs.
Product code: 12345
UA ₴2 799.00
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